Chocolate Chip Cookies

by One Lucky Duck

  • 4 oz / 6 cookies

    Created without butter, white flour, or white sugar, this classic favorite is finally good for you and your kids! Made with almond flour from truly raw imported almonds, we add handmade raw, organic, and vegan chocolate chips, and form the cookies into classic cookie shapes before dehydrating.  

  • Raw and Organic Italian Almond Flour, Organic Maple Powder, Raw and Organic Gluten-Free Oats, Raw and Organic Walnuts, Raw and Organic Agave, Pure Vanilla Extract, Raw and Organic Cacao Paste, Raw and Organic Cacao Butter, Himalayan Crystal Salt.

    Our cookies and snacks are all made and packaged by hand in small batches by our talented staff. Because the characteristics of raw ingredients naturally vary, and we dry everything at very low temperatures over many hours (or even days), our snacks may not always be exactly the same from batch to batch (how do those Keebler elves do it??), but they should always be delicious. Rest assured you're getting the best quality product made by caring humans, not machines (or elves).  

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