Clear Agave Nectar

by Ultimate Superfoods

  • 16.9 oz / 1 liter 

    Naturally low-glycemic sweetener with no additives and beautifully packaged in reusable corked glass bottles. Ojio Clear Agave Nectar is a healthy alternative to refined sugar and unnatural sugar substitutes. Clear agave is high in inulin, which is a prebiotic fiber that promotes healthy intestinal flora and calcium absorption. Grown on the sloping fields surrounding Tequila, Mexico. Learn more about great sugar alternatives on our blog!

  • Raw and Organic Agave

  • Use in tea and coffee instead of sugar, in shakes, in dessert recipes, or anywhere you want to add a bit of sweetness. It mixes easily with both hot and cold liquids.

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Vendor: Ultimate Superfoods

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